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21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch said about half of Hulu’s subscribers pay $4 extra to eliminate ads from the service. (Update: a Hulu source said it is actually under 40%.)
Still, this is a shift from late 2015, when former Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said the “vast majority” of users chose to keep the ad-supported version.
This shows how Netflix and on-demand culture has influenced consumer desire to pay for ad-free TV.

For years, many TV folks who rely on advertising have privately worried that Netflix — and the on-demand, binge-watching culture that has come with it — was causing consumers to develop a disgust for ads.

On Tuesday evening at the Code Conference, we got another data point from a Hulu co-owner that suggests consumers have a desire for ad-free TV: about half of Hulu’s 20 million subscribers choose to pay extra for the ad-free version.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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