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Instagram has become a major driver of traveler traffic —  luxury hotels, in particular, rely on photo-worthy features to lure new business.
People plan stops along their trips to the places with the most Instagram buzz, to snap their own shot of an iconic fountain or photogenic ice cream. 
The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is famous for its “water-on-water” pool — many are eager to grab a photo, but that doesn’t mean everyone jumps into the pool to experience it themselves
Influencers like Davina Tan often chase ‘likes’ but aren’t really taking in all the hotspots they cram into their itineraries, “it doesn’t matter if that food tastes great, she said, “it’s about the visuals.”

Of the ten most Instagrammed hotels of 2017, seven were Las Vegas casinos — and the most popular shot for each was something you could capture without even checking in: Bellagio’s dancing fountains, the Venetian’s canals, and the Wynn’s sparkling lobby topiary were all among the highly coveted and ultra-hashtaggable images.

At Lake Como‘s legendary Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the most coveted shot to capture on Instagram is of the property’s “water-on-water” pool, which floats in the middle of the lake, backed by views of the Grigne Mountains and the colorful houses of Bellagio. But most of these photos are taken from the terrace of the hotel’s bar — not from the pool itself.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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