How To Get Bitten By A Marketing Promotion

Think of them as tiny, sentient creatures with snuffling whiskers and scuttling paws. The natural habitat of the common or garden Marketing Promotion is the corporate corridor, where they skitter along, sniffing the air in doorways, making tiny squeaking sounds and looking for someone to bite! What flavor do Promotions like? What kind of people do they hunt? They’re fairly rare creatures – not seen every day – and being bitten by one from time to time is incredibly important. So how do you go about positioning yourself in their way? How do you become their natural prey on purpose?

marketingThe starting point is to know what Marketing Promotions are looking for. Strangely, they are not particularly drawn to formal qualifications. Oh, they don’t mind them the odd degree adds a nice chewy chunk of fulfilling flavour. But left to their own devices, Promotions tend to chase a different kind of quarry. In particular, Promotions like to nibble on people who have: 1. Outstanding leadership skills The ability to lead people is a siren for Marketing Promotions. When observed in the wild, most Promotions find the mating call of good leadership skills irresistible. They flock toward natural leaders. Nines times out of ten, they will even pass up the highly degreed candidate in favour of the great leader. Most Promotions agree: Leadership tastes awesome! 2. Outstanding communication skills The power of the tongue creates perfect conditions for Promotions.

They grow, thrive and become stronger in the presence of a person who can express ideas and articulate clear instructions. Great public speaking is a clarion call that makes them prick up their ears, as are writing, listening and conversational abilities. 3. Endearing people skills Unlike most predators, who prefer to pick off the lone, isolated member of the herd, Marketing Promotions often hunt the head of the pack.

They are particularly keen on well-networked individuals who know how to interact with, and get the best from, other individuals. 4. Excellent EQ Emotional intelligence is to Marketing Promotions what ice-cream is to us, capping off a perfect meal with its delectable mix of maturity, self-control, self-governance, good manners, accountability, a willingness to take on problems rather than avoid them, and the capacity to be assertive while still respecting others. And finally, the number one quality that draws Promotions is simply this: Out-care your colleagues. Do that sufficiently and your name will be well known among the circling Marketing Promotions.